Quality. Colorful. Family.
Based in Northern California, we offer German Shepherds of all colors and temperaments. From traditional working lines to service dog prospects, we have it all. we specialize in a wide variety of colors including sable, black and bi color. As well, as the more “unique” colors: blue, liver and white.

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About Us

Our philosophy.
All our German Shepherds are raised as family. They are raised inside and have seven acres of land to run and play on. Our litters are exposed to a lot from a young age to ensure they have the best first 8 weeks of life. The kids (ages 4-11) are very involved in the puppy-raising process and help out with training and socializing the dogs. From exposure to other farm animals, kids and different many different types of experiences the puppies have a well rounded start to become the best companion for you and your family! 

All of our litters are bred from high quality parents. Factors that go into the selection are traits like temperament, drive, and loyalty. In fact, we don’t stop with parents, we review all linages and family of the dogs in our breeding program to ensure we produce only healthy and well-rounded dogs for any purpose.

Outside of genetics, is environment and training. For the first few weeks, we ensure all puppies receive the right nutrition, training and opportunities that allow them to thrive. From there, its up to the owners to continue these enrichments in order to raise the best fur baby possible. As part of the Singleton Shepherd family, we hope to have prepared you and your new family member with the right resources needed to become the perfect companion.

Our puppies are born indoors which allows us to effectively care for mom and pups. We work hard to make sure the babies grow well fed, clean and warm. Socialization is important from the very start so we handle the puppies every day to allow them to imprint on people and cause healthy stress. 

Early neurological stimulation (ENS) is important in the first couple weeks of life and we follow the Puppy Culture program to achieve this. ENS is a structured program of six exercises for puppies consisting of four positions, foot tickling and a cold surface. ENS as a part of dog breeding has been shown to have real benefits in puppies. These exercises improve the overall health and immune system of the puppy as well as temperament and mental adjustment.

We also expose our young puppies to scents within the first couple weeks as well. They are presented with objects such as oils, dirt, leaves, fruit etc. to smell for up to 5 seconds. At this point their personalities are already developing and they each have their own distinct preferences. 

Beginning weeks 3-4 we begin work on startle & recovery exercises.This training is important as it allows them to bounce back quickly from fear-inducing experiences and allows them to be emotionally resilient. This training is incredibly important as the more time they startle and recover, the better adjusted they are as adults. Examples of how we achieve this is dropping objects that make loud noises, slamming doors, and operating vacuums and power tools. This allows them to experience surprise and recover time and time again. 

Once puppies reach week 4 the puppies begin to thrive. This is a direct correlation to the amount of work and training that was experienced in previous weeks. All of which is detrimental in the first month of puppy life.

At this age, puppies go from nursing and sleep to being active and energetic! We begin giving them to outdoor access and give them lots of room to run and play. Our farm sits on 7 acres which provides more than enough room for supervised puppy adventures. On our property, we house goats, chickens, and many other dogs which provide new experiences for every pup. Our children are a big part of our program and help ensure very puppy receives lots of individual attention and socialization.

As the puppies continue growing, we introduce them to ball pools filled with water bottles as a fun activity. Additionally, during warm weather, we provide them with a baby pool full of water. In colder months, we expose them to warm water in a sink so that they get a similar experience. 

Around 4-5 weeks we also begin introducing them to new food as the mother begins her weaning process. We let this process happen naturally and would never take the puppies away from mom too soon. 

At this age, the puppies also begin to let their individual personalities shine! As we get to know each baby individually, it allows us to pair the perfect pup with the right family based on the preferences you share with us. Our goal is always to provide a perfect and healthy companion for you and your family.

Early Life